Wonkette, Safire Rise To the Occasion

william-safire.jpgProving that they A) have a heart and B) can be serious and thoughtful, the unlikely team of Wonkette and William Safire have risen to the defense today of Matt & Judy–who at 4:30 p.m. today will face another hearing in their quest to avoid jail for not revealing confidential sources.

Safire’s volley: “The Supreme Court has just flinched from its responsibility to stop the unjust jailing of two journalists–not charged with any wrongdoing–by a runaway prosecutor who will go to any lengths to use the government’s contempt power to force them to betray their confidential sources.”

Safire lists four things that should happen to arrest the case before real damage occurs. Number 3 is perhaps the most damning, coming from another stalwart conservative: “Mr. Novak should finally write the column he owes readers and colleagues perhaps explaining how his two sources–who may have truthfully revealed themselves to investigators–managed to get the prosecutor off his back.”

wonkette2.jpgWonkette, after offering an explanation of the case yesterday, today dives into attack mode. Referring to Safire’s suggestion that Novak come clean, she writes “That’s a nice thought, but that would require Novak to honest. And what’s that saying about a leopard changing its spots? A turd cannot grow a spine, either.”

She also attacks Karl Rove, long thought to be the mastermind behind the Plame leak, but then takes a step back: “Of course maybe Rove wasn’t involved, WMDs will be found, Saddam was involved in 9/11 and unicorns will appear in the back yard if you wish real real hard.”