Wired to Produce Short Films For iPad

Wired, the magazine about the intersection of tech and culture, launched its iPad edition in June with a buffet of multimedia, including videos, audio and interactive graphics.
With its August issue, it’s going one step further, producing original short films that are available exclusively on the iPad.
For the films—there are four—Wired got comic Will Ferrell to spoof once-anticipated inventions for the 21st century, like ray guns and jet packs. The films are tied to the August cover subject, “The Future That Never Happened.”
The videos were produced by Scott Dadich, the Condé Nast magazine’s creative director, and will live only on the iPad app, although a sample will be available on Wired.com.
Users will get the videos at the same lower price Wired adopted with its July issue, when it cut the price of its app by $1, to $3.99. A Wired rep said no permanent pricing decisions have been made, so it’s unclear how long $3.99 will stay.