Will You Quit Your Job for Facebook?

A recent study by Vnunet found that “nearly a third of younger employees would consider quitting their job if Facebook was banned in the workplace.” The lesson? Don’t expect your employees to be working otherwise they will quit on you. While you are at it, throw in the television and give them a break every 30 minutes. Seriously though, younger employees feel as though they should have total access to the internet. As a member of Generation Y I can confirm the feeling.

I previously worked at a job where they blocked access to most sites and it created a fair amount of stress. I didn’t think that taking a look at Facebook or the news was really that big a time waster but the people I worked for did. I didn’t last long at the job but I don’t think that lack of access to Facebook was the problem. According to the article, another survey “by IT services firm Telindus found that 39 per cent of 18 to 24 year-olds would consider leaving if they were not allowed to access applications like Facebook and YouTube.”

This is a high number of individuals that feel it’s their right to have access to these things at work. It shows just how far we have come. Then again, I remember when not being granted access to a radio while working would have been torture. Perhaps social networks are the modern radio? I’ve argued that social networks would become the next television but when was the last time that you were allowed to regularly watch television during work hours?