Will Smartphones Be Much Smarter in 2010?

smartphone.jpgInformationWeek.com has an article that takes a real-world look at what smartphones will encompass in two years. The story flat out states that “the smartphones of 2010 are not going to be leaps and bounds better than they are today.” They will, however, be “closer to becoming the single most important devices we own.”

Key features to expect in this next-generation of smartphones are: access to faster mobile networks, always-on Internet connectivity, more powerful processors, location-driven applications, greater memory capacity and options and user-targeted handsets.

According to the article, the coming next-generation of wireless networks, the ones that provide broadband speeds and always-available connectivity, present the greatest opportunity for the advancement of smartphones.

Unfortunately, it will take longer than two years for anyone to come up with a good solution to the limited battery life we’ve all come to expect from our phones, InformationWeek reports.