Why You Won't Get 3,000 Facebook Fans Without Research

This is Day 19 of the 30 Days to 3,000 Fans program. You can learn more about the program here.
-Research Image-One of the best ways of ensuring that your Facebook Page will be successful is to copy other successful ones. It’s no secret that the best marketers are most influenced by other successful marketers. While there are a lot of research methods I would suggest taking a look at our Facebook Pages leaderboard (which is in the process of being updated), and selecting the most popular as well as the fastest growing. We’ll also soon begin to provide more advanced ways for sorting through Facebook Pages.

Aside from copying the best, this guide should be sufficient to put you into the top percentage of Facebook Pages with a little bit of effort and time.

What To Take Note Of

Aside from the finding Facebook Pages that have a lot of fans, it’s also important to know the context under which they attracted a lot of fans. For example, Starbucks may have an impressive number of Facebook fans but it didn’t require a lot of effort to build a Facebook fan base for a multi-national corporation. Yes, Starbucks may have put in some extra effort (including large advertising campaigns) to ensure their page was as effective as it could possibly be but it’s more important to seek out those companies that may not be as popular but have built a large fan base.

I personally look for pages that have between 5,000 and 50,000 fans and have a decent growth rate. If a Facebook Page is growing extremely fast (e.g. 50 percent growth a week), it probably isn’t run by a small company. Over the coming weeks I’ll be releasing statistics that help you more effectively find those pages that are doing well but browsing through our Pages directory will be a great start.

Page Features

Once you’ve discovered legitimate Facebook Pages that are growing at a decent pace, you’ll want to explore what they are doing that have made them so successful. Take a look at their company’s website to see if they are linking to their Facebook Page and how prevalent the link is. Also take note of the types of applications that the Page administrator has installed. How often is the page updated with statuses and links? All of the things that we covered in this guide are things you should take note of from other Facebook Pages.

Daily Task

Today’s task is to come up with a list of 10 to 20 Facebook Pages that you can find inspiration in. Browse through our Facebook Page directory and also just search through Facebook to find interesting conversations being generated by Pages. What types of users are becoming fans? How often to the page administrators engage their fan base?