Who’s Got The Most Popular Brand Page On Twitter?

Brand pages are one of the newest features of Twitter.com as Twitter continues to court its top advertisers and money-makers. They allow brands to showcase content in a more flexible way than the regular profile page, and they are used by brands like McDonald’s, the LA Lakers, and JetBlue.

But who’s doing brand pages right? We’ve got the top 20 brand pages for you to browse, and see for yourself.

Twitter launched brand pages in early December of last year to coincide with a total redesign of its website. The brand pages enable companies, celebrities and organizations to feature certain content at the top of their page like a “sticky” tweet, include a header bar below their bio information, and separate out the @mentions from the @replies more easily.

After the initial roll-out to 21 of Twitter’s biggest advertisers, word got out that Twitter would shortly begin offering brand pages to any account that committed to a $25,000 or more advertising spend on the network in 2012. And it looks like that second wave has begun: there are now hundreds of brand page on Twitter.

ZoomSphere took a look at the top brand pages on Twitter to see who’s doing it right this early in the game. To measure popularity, we sorted brand pages by the number of followers they have – a number they largely accumulated prior to launching their brand pages, but one that reflects how popular the brand is. Over time, this number should grow faster than before the switch from a regular profile if the brand is using their brand page effectively.

So who’s the big winner when it comes to brand pages?

Why, it’s Twitter itself.

If you visit Twitter’s own brand page, you’ll see that they’ve made their header into an extension of their background, and they’ve pinned a tweet related to the announcement of their mobile redesign.

Twitter has just about 7,679,000 followers, which puts it ahead of Maria Carey (in second place with 5,875,000 followers) and Coldplay (in third place with 5,698,000 followers).

Here’s the full list of the top 20 brand pages on Twitter:

  1. Twitter
  2. Mariah Carey
  3. Coldplay
  4. Ivete Sangalo
  5. Tyra Banks
  6. Claudia Leitte
  7. E! Online
  8. Breaking News
  9. Soulja Boy
  10. Nick Cannon
  11. John Legend
  12. Jason Mraz
  13. The White House
  14. MC Hammer
  15. Los Angeles Lakers
  16. Sports Center
  17. InStyle
  18. Dwayne Johnson
  19. Kevin Smith
  20. CBS News

(Top image: Home-lab via Shutterstock)