What Freelancers Should Do When A Publisher Doesn’t Pay


Paychecks are not meant to be elusive; they’re meant to be in our bank accounts.

Alas, this is often not the case for freelance writers, who may resort to various tactics ranging from gentle prodding to angry shouting, in order to hunt down that check.

Well, what if none of that works? One writer was stiffed on payment for over year, from a pub that she had been consistently writing for. In her case, it took bringing matters to court:

The papers were filed in the morning and an attorney for the magazine called me by early afternoon. I’d since landed another day job, but I’d never given up on getting that money. I worked for it, I earned it and I was never, going to turn down a lump sum of three grand. After all of the time that had elapsed — by now, more than a year since I sent that initial email to my editor — it was just as much about the principle.

To hear the rest of her story, read Lessons in Freelancing: What to Do When Stiffed on Payment

Sherry Yuan
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