What Does Amazon Ask Job Applicants?

If you are applying for a job at Amazon, you’d better start thinking up ways to solve the world’s problems. The recruiter is likely going to ask you, “How would you cure world hunger?”

This is according to the anonymous job site Glassdoor.com. The site has a list of 25 “oddball questions” that interviewers ask potential employees at job interviews at 20 top companies including Amazon, Google, Disney Theme Parks and Trader Joe’s.

Glassdoor users shared their responses. Here is one answer to Amazon’s dilemma: “Assuming I am the United States Federal Government, I would eliminate all farm subsidies to US farmers. I would re-appropriate that same money (some $6+ billion ) and buy food from local farmers in countries where people are hungry. Currently, farm subsidies encourage US farmers to dump US grown products in hungry countries. This new strategy would not only feed people, but also help grow local economies, helping alleviate the structural causes of hunger and poverty.”

Google’s question is more specific. The search giant asks, “How many people are using Facebook in San Francisco at 2:30pm on a Friday?”