We Saw Some Cool Art This Weekend


It occurred to us that we’ve spent our weekends holed up with The Best Show In Our Netflix Queue and that it might be prudent for us to get a little taste of the current culturescape. One pretentious posse later and we started aimlessly wandering around Chelsea. Repeated visits to Hasted Hunt and Maya Stendhal, ducked into the Spike Gallery, and saw the most awesome art ever at Eyebeam: Anthony McCall‘s projected light installation called You and I, which is eerie and playful and compulsively compelling. We were already feeling a little dizzy from the smoke and the jumping (trust us, go see it) and thought a little Diane Arbus at Robert Miller would be just the ticket. Yeah, except it wasn’t Diane Arbus. It was Patricia Piccinini‘s show, “Nature’s Little Helpers,” which we can only describe as trippy and wack-tastic and not a little bit scary and anthropomorphic and disturbing and very very very interesting. It’s a whole series of these hybrid alien-type animals, sculpted and drawn. It creeped us out so much we had to go watch twenty minutes of very calming Bill Viola (Night Journey) down the street at James Cohan.

Oh yeah, and when we saw the above sculpture we thought it was real and totally lost our shit and sort of shrieked in the gallery and it was awkward but then we were like wow, art is really powerful.