Vodafone, O2 Debut New Music Services in UK

As if there aren’t enough music options for mobile subscribers in the UK, Vodafone and O2 have come out with new music services. And yes, both carriers already have full-fledged music offerings.

First, Vodafone’s new Vodafone Music is supposed to provide “a new, simple way to allow customers to discover and buy music anytime and anyplace,” according to Pocket-lint. It lets users preview tracks, download them over-the-air and play them immediately after download.

What makes this different than all the other services out there escapes us. However, it is integrated with the Vodafone Live! Music Shop powered by RealNetworks and includes a smart search option that makes it easier to find the music you want.

o2 myplay.jpgSecond, we have O2 MyPlay, a new service that sells videos, full-track downloads and real-music ringtones. This one does have a unique feature: it’s all about the artist. According to mocoNews, users click on an artist microsite to find and buy all the music content from that artist. Basically, these microsites are a blatant attempt to create a closer relationship between artists and fans.

Sony BMG is the only label on board so far.