Video: News Corp. Gets Grinchy With Google

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is trying desperately to salvage any way to make money these days. Their papers’ first quarter was abysmal, The New York Post‘s circulation is spiraling, and the only thing that seems to work in the least is Wall Street Journal‘s use of pay walls on their website, which Murdoch is now considering extending to the rest of his publication holdings.

Now Murdoch, long-known for surrounding himself with tech-savvy teams to make up for his own lack of knowledge about the Internet, is hoping that his papers’ future content will be hidden from Google.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Murdoch says he hopes to have his papers’ sites removed from Google’s registry as soon as the pay walls go up. “The people who simply just pick up everything and run with it—steal our stories, we say they steal our stories — they just take them…That’s Google, that’s Microsoft, that’s, a whole lot of people.”

But the other side of the coin is that these search sites and aggregators (though Murdoch doesn’t seem to know the difference) can also be what drives traffic to your site. In fact, taking your name off of Google’s registry may do exponentially more harm than good as people search for articles to drive users to, and end up blank.