VH1’s Scandalist.com Feeds Gossip Needs

In an apparent effort to ensure that gossip hounds never have a shortage of scandalous material to peruse, VH1 has launched a new mobile and online blog to keep readers updated on all the latest celebrity news.

ojmug[1].jpgAlthough it’s a VH1 property, Scandalist.com will be run as an independent site so it can have its own, um, unique voice as it dishes up gossip, hot celeb pix, quizzes and polls on the day’s gossip and other entertainment news. Over the next few weeks Scandalist will add original video as well.

Just for your cell phone, VH1 Mobile is launching a mobile headline feed that updates each time a new post is published. There’s also a special version for the iPhone. Upcoming mobile features include the ability to post and read comments in real-time and a Scandalist.com widget for Yahoo! Go.

Scandalist.com is launching with its original “Top 100 Celebrity Scandals” list. Click continued to see the full list.

100: Winona Ryder Likes To Steal
99: Pat O’Brien’s Dirty Voicemails
98: Pee-Wee Herman’s Indecent Exposure
97: Sinead O’Connor Rips Up Pope Picture
96: Mick Jagger Eats Candy Out Of Marianne Faithful’s Vagina?
95: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape
94: Lil’ Kim Jailed For Perjury
93: Liza Minnelli And David Gest Marry, Divorce
92: Dave Chappelle Bails On Chappelle’s Show
91: Todd Bridges’ Drug Woes
90: Matt Damon Dumps Minnie Driver on Oprah
89: Vanessa Anne Hudgens’ Nude Photos
88: Angelina Jolie Makes Out With Her Brother
87: Karrine “Superhead” Steffans Publishes Tell-All
86: David Hasselhoff’s Drunken Hamburger Viral Video
85: Mariah Carey’s TRL Meltdown
84: Whitney Houston: Crack Is Whack
83: Kobe Bryant Rape Trial
82: Diddy Midtown Shooting Trial
81: Madonna And Britney Kiss
80: Bill O’Reilly Loves Vibrators, Phone Sex
79: Rush Limbaugh Is A Drug Addict
78: Nick Hogan Crashes His “Pussy Magnet”
77: Amy Winehouse Is A Drug Addict
76: Eddie Murphy’s Transvestite Prostitute
75: Courtney Love’s Heroin Binge
74: Kate Moss Cocaine Video
73: Eminem’s Relationship With Kim
72: Salman Rushdie’s Death Warrant
71: John Belushi Overdoses
70: Studio 54 Bust
69: Tom Cruise Loses His Cool
68: River Phoenix Overdoses
67: Rick James Tortures People
66: Richard Gere Rumored To Stick Gerbils Up His Butt
65: Mike Tyson Convicted Of Rape
64: Elvis Presley Dies At 44
63: Hugh Grant Busted For Soliciting Prostitute
62: Jane Fonda Endorses North Vietnamese
61: Hell’s Angels Wreak Havoc At Altamont
60: Paris Hilton Goes To Jail
59: Jack Johnson Becomes First Black Heavyweight Champ, Riots Ensue
58: Brad Dumps Jennifer For Angelina
57: Heidi Fleiss’s Prostitution Ring Busted
56: Alec Baldwin’s Abusive Voicemail Rant
55: Deep Throat Prompts Obscenity Trial
54: Martha Stewart Busted For Insider Trading
53: Sex Addict Bob Crane Murdered
52: Don Imus Spews Racist Remarks
51: Lorena Bobbit Severs John Bobbit’s Penis
50: Oliver Stone’s JFK Sparks Controversy
49: Michael Vick: Dog Killer
48: Fatty Arbuckle Charged With Rape, Murder
47: Marilyn Manson Blamed For Columbine Shootings
46: James Frey Writes A Million Little Lies
45: Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry Crack Bust
44: Mel Gibson’s Anti-Semitic Rant
43: Robe Lowe Sex Tape
42: Robert Downey, Jr. Has Drug Problems
41: Milli Vanilli Lip-Synch
40: Phil Spector Charged With Murder
39: The 27 Club
38: Michael Richards Loses It On Stage
37: Lou Pearlman Indicted
36: Chuck Berry’s “Toilet Tapes”
35: Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez Burns Down Andre’s House
34: Tonya Harding Has Nancy Kerrigan Clubbed
33: Heath Ledger Overdoses
32: Jimmy Swaggart Caught With Prostitute
31: Barry Bonds’ Steroid Scandal
30: Gram Parsons’ Corpse Stolen
29: Ted Kennedy Goes For A Dip At Chappaquiddick
28: Paris Hilton Sex Tape
27: Paula Abdul Boinks American Idol Contestant
26: New York Governor Eliot Spitzer Likes Prostitutes
25: Jerry Lee Lewis Marries His 13-Year-Old Cousin
24: Lindsay Lohan Melts Down
23: R. Kelly Child Porn Trial
22: Vanessa Williams Dethroned
21: Amy Fisher Shoots Joey Buttafuoco’s Wife
20: Anna Nicole Smith’s Death
19: Sid Killed Nancy. Or Did He?
18: Patty Hearst Is Kidnapped
17: Kurt Cobain Commits Suicide
16: Marvin Gaye Murdered By His Father
15: JonBenet Ramsey Sexually Assaulted, Murdered
14: Marilyn Monroe Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances
13: Kanye West: “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”
12: The Roman Polanski Rape Trial
11: John Lennon Murdered
10: Woody Allen Marries His Stepdaughter
9: The Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee Sex Tape
8: Janet Jackson And Justin Timberlake’s Nipplegate
7: Britney Spears Meltdown
6: Charles Manson Murders
5: Michael Jackson Molestation Charges
4: O.J. Simpson Murder Trial
3: Princess Diana Dies In Car Crash
2: The Monica Lewinsky Affair
1: The Murders Of Notorious B.I.G. And Tupac

Source: VH1