Veteran Reporter, Off TV, Looks to the Web…for Now

GetReal_1.27.bmpJay DeDapper has spent the last 22 years as a TV reporter at two New York stations: WABC, and since 1998, WNBC. A political reporter, DeDapper’s last story aired on WNBC four days before the inauguration.

The NY Daily News’ Richard Huff caught up with DeDapper who has launched Get Real with Jay DeDapper, a blog-style news site which intends to “drill down” on stories that usually only get superficial treatment on TV.

“I’m basically trying to cut through the fog of counterclaims,” DeDapper tells Huff. “What television loves to do, and newspaper reporters do this to the some degree, is it’s difficult to drill down to the facts of claims and counterclaims.”

But this may just be a stopover to either getting back in to TV or finding something else entirely.

“I’m trying to keep busy and keep my feet in the waters and keep people who have been very supportive, viewers at Channel 4, I’m trying to give them an opportunity to still hear from me, adding, “This is not my new career.”