Veronica Massey: Digital Writer Spotlight

wattpad_good.png When Veronica Massey joined a community writing site last year, she found hundreds of fans and a publisher for her work. Follow this link to read more of her work at Wattpad.

Wattpad’s Nina Lassam explained the pick: “Her Vampire novel Freak Among Freaks was voted by fans as a finalist for Wattpad’s annual writing contest. When Veronica finished her novel, she was besieged with requests from fans, asking her to publish her book. After turning down two offers on the advice of her writing group, she was picked up by a publisher.”

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Here is an excerpt from Freak Among Freaks:

My alarm clock was blasting the latest Muse song, trying it’s hardest to wake me up. I really didn’t need the thing, my eyes always popped open the moment the sun began to set. Whatever time that happened to be. Normally I’d toss a shoe at it and roll back over for another hour of sleep before one of my mothers pulled me out of bed, but today was different. Today was my first day of school. Who knew vampires actually had to go to school?