Verizon Debuts Video Sharing Service

FunMobility_Graphic.jpgVerizon Wireless has joined forces with FunMobility to launch a new video-sharing service and mobile social network called America’s Best Mobile Flix, according to MediaPost.

“Verizon subscribers will be able to upload videos across multiple operator networks and content categories including comedy, kids, crazy pets and sports bloopers.”

Members will also be able to share messages and create a profile page for their videos. There’s also a best-video-category every month. The service costs $4.99 per month extra. Color us not-at-all excited. Why would someone pay $60 per year for this if they could just use YouTube or one of a million other free video upload services? Our recommendation if you really want to spend money: buy a Flip and record and share an unlimited amount of much nicer videos.