Vena Cava Brings Humor to High Fashion PR

Time for the totally true generalization of the day: the world of high fashion has a very tenuous connection to reality. It operates at a disconnect from the general public–and we can’t think of a single big-name designer brand that does the thing we call “humor” well (if at all).

One of the most obvious signs of the distance between Fashion with a capital F and your average dude/girl on the street are the unbearably artsy “fashion films” that design houses use to launch new campaigns. For that reason, we love Vena Cava‘s new short, created to promote the label’s “economy” line Viva Vena and brought to our attention by the quick wits at the Fashionista blog.

We like pretty much everything about this little clip, from the “thinking in French” line to the “it’s just a commercial” meta-breakdown (performed by the awesome Lizzy Caplan, who we’ll always know as “Janis Ian” thanks to Tina Fey and Mean Girls, coming soon to a Broadway theater nowhere near you).

We can’t remember the last time we encountered a highfalutin fashion brand blessed with the ability to make fun of itself, so we say: touché, dear sirs.

One question for PR pros and fashion followers: Should more brands bring their campaigns back to earth with a little self-referential humor, or does the Saks Fifth Avenue crowd not go for that sort of thing?