Undertone Introduces U360 AudiencePlus

Online ad network Undertone Networks has introduced U360 AudiencePlus, a new product which will enable the company’s partners to locate their audiences on other sites across the Web—and sell ads targeting those audiences.

The idea behind U360 is to help Web publishers sell more of their most valuable audiences. Undertone claims it can identify Web users who visit a particular section of a Web site and then deliver ads to that same user when they visit other sites in its network.

“Nobody sells out all of their inventory,” explained Undertone CEO Mike Cassidy. “But for most sites, certain sections are more valuable and are often sold out. This helps them better match supply with demand.”

Undertone has signed on A&E Television Networks as its first customer for U360 AudiencePlus. According to Dan Owen, AETN’s vp of national digital ad sales, the partnership should help the company compete with larger sites. “For example, often, we’ll come to a lifestyle advertiser with inventory tied to a particular show [like Flip This House] and they’ll say, ‘that’s fabulous content, but where is the scale?’ This gives us larger reach.”