Facebook, YouTube Dwarf Twitter UK Social Traffic (But Facebook Down 7.21% Year On Year)

New data from Experian Hitwise has revealed how Facebook and, increasingly, YouTube dominate social networking traffic in the United Kingdom, with the two platforms combined accounting for over three quarters of all visits to social networking sites in the UK in December.

YouTube posted the biggest gains month-on-month (1.41 percent) and year-on-year, with the video sharing website seeing an additional 7.37 percent in UK traffic since December 2010. This seems to have come at the expense of Facebook, which posted a surprising -7.21 percent share loss in the UK over the past year.

Twitter, which posted a 2.98 percent of all UK social networking traffic in December, posted a modest 0.63 percent gain year-on-year, ahead of Tumblr (0.92 percent share, +0.53 percent YOY) and LinkedIn (0.73 percent share, +0.29 percent YOY).

It’s debatable whether YouTube is an actual social network – personally I don’t think it is – but Hitwise also included a few other surprising sites in their data, such as Yahoo! Answers, Gumtree and even Moshi Monsters, which now accounts for around half a percent of all UK ‘social’ traffic.

In search, Google continues to obliterate the competition, making up nearly 92 percent of all UK internet searches.

It will be interesting to see if Google’s changes to personalised search yesterday impact their share in the UK in the months to come.

(Source: Experian Hitwise.)