Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix Available: More Netbook Models Supported


The latest version of Ubuntu Linux is available for downloading. And, for the first time, it includes an edition designed for use on netbooks…

Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix (UNR)

I’m downloading UNR right now and am surprised to see how large the IMG file is: 946.8MB. All the Ubuntu desktop ISO files I’ve downloaded in the past were small enough to fit on a CD (less than 700MB). The current 9.04 ISO file for the desktop edition is 699MB.

The list of supported netbook models has increased from the Asus Eee PC 900a & 1000 , Acer Aspire One, and Dell Mini 9 that I noted in an early blog item here. The Lenovo S10 is now included in the Tier 1 list of supported models. The Tier 2 list (models that work but may have enough problems to interfere with normal work) includes the Asus Eee PC 701-SD & 900, HP Mini 1000 and Samsung NC 10. YOu can find the list of supported netbook models here on the Ubuntu Wiki…


The Ubuntu Wiki also provides information to help you install UNR from a USB flash thumb drive here…


As I write this, I’ve still got an estimated one hour to go before the download completes. So, it will be a while until I have a chance to test it out.