See Key Stats From Your Twitter Profile, Find Out Who To Follow, And More, With @Twtrland

A little over a year ago we wrote about twtrland, the Twitter analytics tool that provides a simple way to understand people by the content they share on twitter.

The site serves over 750,000 users every month and today launches with a complete revamp, introducing a whole new way for users to discover and connect with the people they should know, inside and outside of their current networks.

Getting started with twtrland is very simple. Simply sign in with your Twitter profile (it won’t see your password) and register (name and email is all that’s necessary), or just use twtrland anonymously to check out your Twitter profile, somebody else’s Twitter profile, or tap into it’s powerful search engine in whatever way takes your fancy.

Here’s @alltwtr’s data.

And for comparative purposes, here’s mine.

As you might expect, as @Sheamus is a personal account, the distribution of tweets (top right-hand corner) is significantly different to that of the all-business @alltwtr. I have a pretty healthy mix of links, replies, retweets, mentions and so on, but that retweet number (top middle) needs some serious work. I find it interesting that more than two-thirds of my followers are men, and almost half (45 percent) are in the U.S.

twtrland isn’t just about profiles – you can enter pretty much any set of terms you want into the search box at the top of the page and be instantly privy to a veritable wealth of data.

Example searches: @ladygaga, @louisckWomen 20-40 from NYCMarketers from MassachusettsFashion Influencers and Bloggers from the UK.

(One of the most revealing slices of data is the list of ‘Top Followers’ for every profile that shows on the left sidebar.)

Intelligent (and, critically, free) Twitter analytics tools are hard to come by and there’s an awful lot you’ll find useful at twtrland, and I’m sure the product will continue to grow and expand after they start seeing the reaction to this relaunch. Where the platform fits in Twitter’s increasingly narrowing ecosystem remains to be seen.