Twitter/Facebook Partnership on the Horizon?

San Francisco’s Web 2.0 Summit this week generated a lot of buzz, but perhaps nothing as exciting as the possibility of a Twitter/Facebook partnership. The possibilities of integrating the services were discussed by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, but nothing more than a hint at Twitter’s willingness to make something happen was really dropped. However, the fact that Twitter wants something to happen between the two social networking giants could foreshadow a future partnership, or at least some cooperation between Twitter and Facebook.

The New York Times reports that Williams said it was “frustrating” that Twitter users could not look up friends on Facebook or send Facebook wall posts and status updates to Twitter. These are two areas where he sees the possibilities for a partnership, but he hinted at resistance from Facebook.

The new “Directory” tab that we covered this morning, for instance, would benefit from Facebook integration. Currently, users can add their connections from Gmail, Hotmail/Messenger, LinkedIn and Yahoo!, but they can’t access their Facebook friends.

Ev says it’s all about making the users’ Twitter experience better, but that he understands why Facebook is reluctant. However, he did indicate that the two companies were in talks.

The form that a Twitter/Facebook partnership could take isn’t clear, beyond Williams’ indication that connecting to Facebook would improve Twitter users’ experiences. However, he also pointed out that Facebook is very careful about who they let access their social graph, as they are concerned with any relationships being a win-win for both companies concerned.