Twitter Users ‘Kinda Bummed’ That Amazon is Acquiring Goodreads

It’s been less then two hours since we reported the news that Amazon has acquired the popular online reading community Goodreads and Twitter users are already lamenting the news.

Susan Kostal tweeted: “sooo sad to see that Amazon bought Goodreads”

Sarah Rhea Warner wrote: “One of my favorite online communities, @goodreads, was just acquired by Amazon. Kinda bummed.”

Amanda Clark tweeted: “I’m not happy about Goodreads being bought by Amazon! Those bastards took away our like button, and won’t let you mention the author by name.”

Susan McNicholl tweeted: “Not sure I like this at all. Amazon taints everything it touches.”

Marcia Ferguson wrote: “Sad to see that Amazon is buying#Goodreads … I always thought of Goodreads as a nice place for indie store readers.”

Anjali Becker tweeted: “The world domination of Jeff Bezos continues! #goodreads

Carole Blake tweeted: “Prediction: Same people who threaten to quit Facebook will threaten to quit Goodreads. 1.6% will follow through”

Burcu Alkan tweeted: “On that note: Any recommendations on other book-sites alternative to@goodreads?”

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