Twitter to Dump ‘Suggested Users’ List

Microblogging site Twitter will stop offering a list of “suggested users” for new account holders to follow in the wake of complaints by conservatives that the list was weighted toward liberals.

TwitterLogo.jpgAt a conference in Malaysia, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone on Monday announced that “the list will be going away.” From the Associated Press‘s Julia Zappei:

Stone said the company was seeking a more systematic way to introduce its prominent posters, including sports figures, celebrities and politicians, to newcomers to the site.

Twitter’s list, which numbers around 500 suggested users, proved controversial after its launch earlier this year. Recently, political watchdogs in California criticized the list, claiming it favors Democrats over Republicans in the state’s gubernatorial race next year.

Stone and other company employees choose who will be featured on the list. Twitter has said the list is based on users “who show that they provide value by posting often and engaging with their followers.”

So, to recap, Twitter currently offers new account holders a list of suggested users to follow because these users “provide value.” And Biz Stone says, “Ninety-seven percent of our efforts are basically on delivering user value.” But Twitter will stop offering the list of users who “provide value” as part of its 97% effort to deliver value to users.

It makes perfect sense now.