Twitter Takes Home “Digital Service Of The Year” Award At T3

Twitter beat out Facebook, YouTube and Spotify as the best social media site of 2011 at the T3 awards last night. Held in London, the award ceremony saw the famous faces of digital gadgetry gather together to honor the best in tech.

Twitter’s honorific after last night’s award is now “Digital Service of the Year“. It was a tight competition, with stalwarts Facebook and YouTube on the shortlist, as well as more unlikely contenders like Spotify, Sky Anytime+, BBC iPlayer and Google Docs.

Part of what propelled Twitter to take the award was its Android, iPad and iPhone apps, which, according to the editors of T3, have “now finally eclipse the third-party clients on offer.”

Its political impact and use as a news service was also cited as reasons our favorite 140-character network won the award.

Here’s an excerpt from the explanation as to why Twitter deserved this award over Facebook or any other network:

“…And speaking of riots, meet the other media villain of the piece. Twitter has had an incredible year, taken a lot of flak and facilitated a lot of great things – and some terrible ones, granted. At its heart lies, as ever, the purity of truncated expression. Composing a great Tweet is like writing a haiku or sonnet; economy and attention to language and nuance are everything. For keeping you up to date with the lives of others, nothing beats it, but as the Arab Spring proved, it’s also a communications tool that dictators genuinely fear.”

The T3 Gadget Awards invited 600 members of the tech and gadget elite to celebrate the best of 2011.

Although the ultimate winners in each category, including “Digital Service of the Year” were chosen by the judges panel, T3 readers were invited to contribute their votes to inform the judges – and they ended up submitting over 950,000 of them.

(Image courtesy of Sashkin via Shutterstock)