Twitter Reduces Functionality for WWDC

Not only has Twitter increased their reliability on memecache but they have also decided to disable all replies as well as decrease the maximum number of requests for updates to 10 per hour for all API calls. It appears that they are taking no risks when it comes to keeping up the site even if it is at the sacrifice of site usability.

To me it seems slightly ridiculous that the company can’t keep their site fully functional. They are now experiencing a decrease in functionality due to their new “precautions.” I think this is pretty ridiculous to be honest. I thought the precautions were being made so that the site could maintain their functionality. It seems pretty ironic to say the least.

Do you think it makes sense that they turn down some of the site functionality due to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference? I’m trying to find the audio of the event but I can no longer view my Twitter replies and many of the blogs covering the event are going down. If you know where you can listen to the audio please post in the comments.