20 Twitter Influencers Every Photographer Needs to Follow

Whether you're looking for photography inspiration, networking, or just cool tips, these 20 tweet-rich sources will improve the photographer's daily feed.

The noble art of photography may remind you of time spent alone in a dark room or a loner wandering a city looking for great vantage points. But every artist needs information, and photographers can benefit from myriad messengers on Twitter. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, networking, or just cool tips, these 20 tweet-rich sources will improve the photographer’s daily feed.

1. Parade. From the creators of the company that helps you create instant online portfolios, @paradepro provides photography news and tips, but the greatest things you’ll get are links to great portfolios, like this great Indian photography showcase.

2. NatGeo Photography. Were you one of those kids who always picked up National Geographic Magazine for the gorgeous glossy photos? Follow @NatGeoPhotos for great photos of the day, delivered straight to your feed.

3. Amazing Photography. This account, @amazingpics, prides itself on links to truly great photos. Tweets link to photos on a variety of subjects, from deforestation scenes to “mystical horses.”

4. Photojojo. Don’t let the silly name fool you: @photojojo has as serious following, and tweets highlight photography news, camera and editing tips, and photo links.

5. LA Times Photography. For a more journalistic take on photography, visit @LATimesPhotos. Tweets will feature local, national, and global photography and also other multimedia links.

6. The Photography Link. Ben G., or @twit_tpl, is a fashion photography blogger, so look here for a more specialized take on the art. Ben G. also offers personal tidbits, and it’s always nice to get a dose of an artsy personality once in a while.

7. Fine Art Photography. Based in Fort Collins, the account for the Center for Fine Art Photography (@C4FAP) is a great resource for the photographer who is looking for support. Tweets give useful information about their educational classes and exhibitions so that you can at the very least see what kind of opportunities are out there.

8. Nat’l Endow f/t Arts. On a larger scale, the National Endowment for the Arts (@NEAarts) gives federal funding to artists and arts programs. That the Endowment isn’t specialized to photography is actually useful — it often helps to receive information from a broader field of artists.

9. Smithsonian. If you’re interested in museum work, or even the types of photography exhibits that come to museums, it’s worth following @smithsonian to get an idea of what their network of 19 museums and 9 research centers is up to.

10. The Photography Post. Based on their great photography blog, @ththphtgrphypst will give you an interesting mishmash of camera tips, philosophical pieces on photography, great photos, photographer events, and more.

11. Fraction Magazine. For a dose of photography coming from an analytic source, visit @FractionMag, the account for the online photography review of the same name.

12. NPR Picture Show. NPR is a fantastic source for national news and life pieces, and @NPRPictureShow effectively demonstrates how pictures can complement non-visual media.

13. PhotoShelter. Look at @photoshelter — you’ll get both photography and tweets from a real social media enthusiast.

14. CNN Multimedia. Again incorporating other multimedia types in addition to photography, @CNNMultimedia is great for keeping up with trends in photojournalism and effective tools for presenting information.

15. Arts Beat. From the almighty New York Times itself, follow @artsbeat to stay on top of culture and arts news from critical reviewers.

16. Museum of Modern Art. @MuseumModernArt is worth following, if not for inspirational quotes and exhibition info, then for belonging to the community of followers who are interested in modern art topics.

17. Noah Everett. The founder of TwitPic, @NoahEverett is just a good person to follow if you’re interested in channels for sharing the photos you take. After all, you’re using Twitter — it’s a good idea to get TwitPic updates from the source.

18. Nature Photography. Sometimes there isn’t anything more beautiful or serene than a great photo of the great outdoors. @outdoorlens will inspire you to get involved with nature photography, particularly with tweets that link to environmental news topics.

19. Photography Gear. Without a great subject, you might not be able to take the photo you want. Without a camera, you can’t take a photo at all. Follow @photographygear for frequent updates on this essential piece of equipment.

20. Life.com. Their Twitter profile states that Life.com offers all the most iconic photos on the web. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from @LIFE’s Twitter feed. In fact, check out the Queen at Christmas. What could be more iconic than that?