Twitter Will Outlast (And Possibly Destroy) Print Publications

When you saw Newsweek’s #LastPrintEdition in December of last year, were you shocked?

Not only by the fact that it would no longer be in circulation, but by the hashtag heralding its end?

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitter, you probably weren’t very surprised – the site is THE place for breaking news after all. And now its even hiring someone to head that effort.

But do you think Twitter will outlast print publications like The New York Times? One tech visionary does – and he also finds the whole thing pretty hilarious.

Marc Andreesen thinks Twitter is here to stay. But more than THAT, he compares it to the printing press, saying “the technology is a fundamental breakthrough in how humans communicate. ‘Twitter is instant global public messaging for free,’ he said.”

Andreessen told CNNMoney that he’s been encouraging the companies in his portfolio to wait as long as possible before going public, but said Twitter is one of the few that will be ready in 2014 or 2015.

Andreessen admitted on his panel with Thiel that he feels a bit of schadenfreude seeing the recent struggles of the New York Times as the Internet cuts down on its print profits. Andreessen said that during the 1990s, the publication often dismissed the Internet as a technology that had little chance of widespread adoption.

“It causes me a certain amount of pleasure today watching the New York Times Company try to cope with the consequences of the technology they laughed at,” Andreessen said.

So there are a few lessons here:

How many print publications do you read each week?

(Image from Flickr)