“Twitter is not to be a triumph of technology but of humanity” – Biz Stone

Biz Stone made an appearance on Wolf Blitzer’s The Situation Room last night, and answered some rapid-fire, 140-character questions from Blitzer and Twitter users.

A lot of ground was covered in the roughly 7 minute video, but Stone didn’t give away any real secrets about the direction that Promoted Products are taking, or address the rumor of businesses claiming their location on Twitter Places.

Stone started at the beginning: how he and co-founders Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey built a Twitter protype in just two weeks. He emphasized that its influence was first and foremost mobile technology, hence the 140-character limit – they wanted to stay within the confines of the international limits on text messages, set at 160-characters, while leaving room for the author’s name.

As a little piece of trivia, Stone adds that the name “Twitter” was chosen during a brainstorming session because he really latched onto it. It had the feel of something urgent, and was a natural sort of “buzz” sound like birds in nature.

A large portion of the interview focused on Stone’s optimistic outlook on the future of Twitter. He firmly believes that Twitter will be a triumph of humanity, not technology. It is, for Stone, the innovative ways that people use it in emergencies, for journalism, and for other good purposes that will drive Twitter’s success.

Besides Blitzer’s 140-character questions, Stone answered some guest questions from Twitter users as well. When asked to sum up the real purpose of Twitter, Stone responded that it is to help people discover and share what’s happening around them in their world, in real-time. And he answered a user’s question about his “next project” by firmly saying that he will be with Twitter for the long-haul.

You can take a look at the full interview on Youtube below.

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