Twitter Traffic Dips -2.11% For October, Facebook +3.50%, Friendfeed -6.57%

Unique visitors to fell for the second consecutive month, dropping -2.11% to 23,042,455 visits, following a marginal fall in September.

Twitter Traffic Dips -2.11% For October, Facebook +3.50%, Friendfeed -6.57%

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Following a small dip in August, Facebook edged upwards for the second month in a row, adding 3.50 per cent of new visitors, to 128,940,004. Total visits was over 2.5 billion, up 9.72 per cent.

Twitter Traffic Dips -2.11% For October, Facebook +3.50%, Friendfeed -6.57%

Friendfeed continued to drop, losing 6.57 per cent following September’s 28.41 per cent decline, and has now lost some 33 per cent of its uniques since August. Overall visits fell 21.82 per cent, suggesting even veterans of the service are moving on.

MySpace slowed the sharp deterioration we’ve seen in the network since June, losing just 0.65 per cent of visitors, and boasting 49,903,567 uniques.

Plurk lost 3.84% of its unique visitors, and almost 20 per cent overall.

The biggest success story in social networking remains LinkedIn, which added another 3.29 per cent to its monthly visitor count to 15,545,678 uniques, following a 5.68 per cent gain in September. LinkedIn has now added almost 32.50 per cent of new visitors since May of this year.

Overall, October was something of a mixed bag for social media. is clearly struggling to attract new users, but perhaps the new tools that have been added to the site in recent weeks (lists and retweets) will turn around this scenario in November. Twitter hype has definitely not eased – if anything it is becoming an even more important part of mainstream media coverage – and one continues to assume that a big part of’s plateau is experienced users spending less time on the web site and more time using their favourite software clients, such as TweetDeck, Tweetie and Seesmic Desktop.