Twitter Experimenting With Showing Other Accounts’ Favorites in Your Timeline

Twitter Experimenting With Showing Other Accounts' Favorites in Your Timeline

Here’s yet another Twitter experiment that some users have noticed: Twitter is testing out including tweets that have been favorited by accounts that you follow right in your timeline.

From self-explaining hashtags to retweets with comments, it certainly seems like Twitter is stilcking to its one experiment per day system.

This latest test was noticed by The Verge. They report that some users are seeing tweets pop up in their timeline that aren’t from anyone they’re following – instead, they’re tweets that their connections have favorited.

This does change Twitter’s basic functionality, and it’s no surprise that The Verge reports that long-time users are upset. Prior to this, users have only ever seen tweets and retweets in their timelines. Adding favorites – especially favorites from other people – changes how timelines function.

This experiment seems closely linked with another experiment that Twitter has been testing to expand what users see in their timelines. Users reported seeing tweets from accounts that their friends follow appearing in-steam. Both of these experimental features show that Twitter is exploring the possibility of changing part of the fundamental nature of how its service works.

Twitter is notorious for experimenting with new features and choosing only a small few to actually implement across the board, so it’s unclear whether this will become a permanent feature.

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