Customers Prefer Twitter To Facebook For Brand Product News, Support And Purchases [STUDY]

Web traffic analytics service recently published the results of a field survey that looked to determine how consumers are using social media, and how that behaviour impacts on their interaction with brands.

The study revealed some interesting data about Twitter, including how users of the microblogging platform are more likely to engage through a mobile device and post updates whilst watching TV shows. More importantly for marketers, Twitter beats both Facebook and LinkedIn as a medium for engaging with brands, notably for product news and that all-important end purchase.

Compete’s survey suggested that:

43% Of Twitter Users Access The Service Through A Mobile Device

Which compared to 34% for Facebook and just 9% for LinkedIn. This puts brands on Twitter in a strong position to capitalise on the booming trend in smartphone growth.

17% Of Twitter Users Tweet About A TV Show While Watching It

This gives marketers an opportunity to tap into that activity with compelling and proactive television campaigns.

56% Of Twitter Users Who Follow A Brand Say They Are “More Likely” To Buy Their Products

Which compares to 47% of those who Like a brand on Facebook. Moreover, 62% of Twitter users are more likely to visit the brand’s website, while 59% go on to recommend that brand to others.

84% Of Twitter Users Follow Brands For Updates On New Products

Just 60% use Facebook for the same thing. Discounts and promotions are far and away the most popular reason to connect with a brand on both Twitter and Facebook, but 56% of Twitter users also follow brands for customer service (versus just 38% on Facebook), and 51% hope to hear directly from the company (34% on Facebook).

Indeed, overall (and as this chart shows), Twitter consistently beats Facebook across the board when it comes to reasons why users follow a brand.

(click to enlarge)

All of this, of course, is fantastic news for all the marketers and PR firms utilising Twitter – and its growing network of more than 300 million users – to drive awareness and sales to brands and businesses.