Twitter Passes 300 Million Users, Seeing 9.2 New Registrations Per Second. (Allegedly.)

Twitter has just passed 300 million users and is now seeing a heady 9.2 new profiles being registered each and every second, says Twitter account tracker Twopcharts, who calculated the data based on registered user IDs.

The important word you’re looking for? Allegedly.

Here’s your chart (click to enlarge).

Obviously, this is all very unofficial, and even though most estimates put the Twitter network above 200 million users as far back as February of this year, that’s still quite a leap in three months.

Twopcharts – who I’ll admit I’d never heard of until writing this article – at least has the courtesy to provide a disclaimer in their results: “Accounts may have been cancelled or become inactive.”

Of course, and as I’ve said many times before: rather than everybody continuously speculating and making wild guesses, it would nice if Twitter periodically released actual user data, maybe every quarter or thereabouts. And there’s a big difference being registered accounts and active accounts. Facebook has over 660 million of the latter. Care to show us your real cards, Twitter?

(Hat tip: Business Insider, Twopcharts.)

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