Twitter 2.0 for Android. Much Improved But Still Not My Choice for Tweeting

Twitter 2.0 for Android is out. I updated it on my Droid and Nexus One to try it out.

Twitter for Android – new and improved (Twitter Blog)

This major version release includes a number of significant changes:

– Use Twitter without signing in to view trends, interests, search and see suggested users
– Design changes including more efficient use of display space and smaller font size
– Universal search
– Scan address books (contacts) to find those who have Twitter accounts

Here are a few of things I noticed while trying Twitter 2.0 for Android:

1. It updated tweets on my Droid once and then stopped refreshing. In the screenshot the left, it was unable to refresh tweets after 4 hours. This problem did not occur on the Nexus One.

2. Unlike Twitter’s apps for other platforms, Twitter for Android is still limited to working with a single account.

3. I prefer TweetCaster’s (from Handmark) interface which highlights my tweets in green, provides thumbnails of images posted to yfrog and other image tweeting services, and is able to display tweets nearby (by those who provide their location information).

Via TheNextWeb: Twitter for Android gets a slick new design and contact search [Video]