Twinzer Offers Social Networking to the X-treme

twinzer_logo.jpgWhat would you have if you combine two sports enthusiasts? one who is an avid surfer and the other one a wakeboarder? A social networking site for X-treme gamers and action sports enthusiasts of course. But don’t get us wrong though, Twinzer (that’s the name of the social network) is open to everyone as well. Who knows, you might discover your love for the sports after joining Twinzer. Twinzer is an online community where you can expose your talents, promote yourselves and have fun at the same time. The founders of Twinzer aims to make their site a virtual community where the endemic action sports community come together with those who are just starting to get into the sports.


Twinzer is not only open to “X-games” enthusiasts but it is also open to Kiteboarders, wakekiters, wakeskaters, snowmobilers and other sports which entail action and high-pursuit of adrenalin rush.

So, what does Twinzer offers? Practically almost everything that you can possibly look for a social community. Twinzer’s got a social networking tool categorized per sports, action-packed videos, exhilirating photos, music, groups, battles, hookups, and marketplace.

Membership in Twinzer is free to everyone. All it take is a few minutes to create an account.

If you want to go into action sports and X-games, Twinzer is for you. If you are already into these kind of sports, enrich yourself some more.