Tweetdeck For Android Released

Another Twitter app has joined the crowd of similar apps already available for Android with the release of Tweetdeck for Android, which has been in beta since August. Actually, Tweetdeck is not just a Twitter app because it also retrieves your Facebook news feed, and feeds from Google Buzz and Foursquare.

The desktop version of Tweetdeck is very popular and features multiple columns to display the Twitter timeline, mentions, direct messages, and lists, as well as feeds from the other social networks. The column metaphor is in the Android app implemented as separate screens that you scroll through left or right, similar to moving between Android’s home screens. I find it easier to scroll left or right between the screens rather than tapping the icons in the official Twitter app.

Another feature of Tweetdeck that I like is the ability to change the font size, which gives you control over how many tweets you can see on the screen before scrolling up or down. It may just be my perception, but scrolling in Tweetdeck seems to be smoother than in other apps, though I am not sure how that can be since all the apps are on the same phone.

So far I am liking Tweetdeck so much that it may replace the Twitter app on my Nexus One. Tweetdeck is free and available in the Android Market.