TweetAFlight Lets You Book Flights On Twitter

Ever feel the urge to spontaneously get up and go, but you don’t really want to spend time searching for flights and planning things out? Or maybe you’re just someone who likes keeping your eye out for good travel deals. Well then, TweetAFlight might be a good account for you to follow!

TweetAFlight “transforms Twitter into an instant sales channel for airlines.” The whole process can be summed up in three words: Tweet. Reply. FLY!™

Here’s a bit more detail on how it works:

  • Airlines share flight deals through TweetAFlight
  • Followers reply to the deals with the word “buy”
  • The transaction is processed, powered by Chirpify (check out our Chirpify post from last week for details on how that service works)


Chirpify transactions, in turn, are powered by PayPal, with users’ accounts linked to facilitate the transactions.

So, why (you may be wondering) would airlines – or users for that matter – go through TweetAFlight instead of using Chirpify or even directly through PayPal?

We asked just that and a TweetAFlight representative, Brad Mixner, fielding inquiries on the company’s Facebook page told us that although “end users will go to/through Chirpify for the service, TweetAFlight is packaging the solution for airlines as a service.” We guess that once the initial set up is complete, being able to reply “buy” and have airline tickets delivered IS pretty convenient and worth the one time hassle.

So when can we starting buying flights on Twitter? It hasn’t begun posting deals yet, but TweetAFlight “currently ha[s] two major airlines in the final stages of discussions and half a dozen more in the pipeline behind them.” Stay tuned for updates!

What do you think? Will you use this service when it launches?

(Airline photo from Shutterstock)