TumTiki Offers a Vast Video Library from ABC, NBC, Fox and More

Bragging that you have the largest video library of any web destination site is a pretty bold remark, but if it is true, all the power to the platform. TumTiki is making that claim. TumTiki is a cute name, and the company, owned by Frontier Communications, just launched its online video site this week.

Anyone with internet access can take advantage of the library of premium TV episodes, movies, web original clips and local content. Partnering with online video services such as Hulu, TumTiki streams free TV episodes from major networks, including ABC, NBC, Fox, Food Network, Bravo, FX, Syfy, HGTV, AMC, National Geographic, Oxygen, Comedy Central and TBS; the site also offers users a pay-per-view option for fee-based TV episodes and movies through Frontier’s partnership with Amazon.com.

TumTiki is also a prime source of local market video content, featuring sports, news and other programming from select local TV affiliate stations.

“Consumers told us they would prefer an all-in-one browsing, searching and viewing experience. That’s makes TumTiki unique. Everything is readily available at TumTiki.com,” said Melinda White at Frontier Communications, “Giving viewers more control and personalization over their entertainment options is our focus at Frontier Communications. TumTiki offers high-quality, free and video-on-demand paid content, in a convenient web-based format.”

It does look as if Frontier listened to their consumers because TumTiki not only offers the largest content library, but also a fun set of social features enabling viewers to curate collections of videos with Facebook friends and earn TumTiki badges and points for watching shows. The site also has a patent-pending user interface and algorithms that improve the viewing and interactive experience.