True Love Burns


FBLA wishes the LA Times had a weddings section, but since there’s no society page, no gossip column, why would there be a wedding announcement section? We don’t count the pathetic pay-per-view ads.

But in the NY Times on Sunday, we see that Vanessa Grigoriadis, contributing editor to New York and Rolling Stone, and newly hitched to art director Craig Maldonado, explained Burning Man:

There’s a gigantic man that’s three stories tall made of wood, and on Saturday night the man is burned.

Did the NY Times writer make her do that? (“Vanessa, could you just tell us what exactly, Burning Man, is?”)
Is this so that avid, but out of touch, fans of the wedding write-ups would understand? The on-line Times links to Cornell and Wesleyan, but not to Burning Man–and how wierd is it to have active links in a wedding announcement? The groom works for David LaChapelle, and there’s no link to him.

FBLA wishes the couple joy, and all that. We wish we had a wedding section.