Tricia Heighway: Digital Writer Spotlight

protagonized.pngAuthor Tricia Heighway joined the community writing site Protagonize for fun, but ended up landing a book deal with a traditional publisher. Follow this link to read all her work at Protagonize.

Protagonize founder Nick Bouton explained: “Trish has been a mainstay on Protagonize since joining the site on a lark, just over two years ago. She’s topped our most influential authors listing since it was introduced earlier this year, and she’s also the most followed author on the site. Her first novel, Paddytum, is due to be published this October by Hirst Books in the UK. It can be pre-ordered online.”

Welcome to eBookNewser’s newest feature, Digital Writer Spotlight. We’ve launched this feature to recognize the established and emerging voices within these communities. On a regular basis, we will feature hand-picked reading recommendations from community leaders at writing sites–introducing readers to the world of socially networked fiction. If you want to nominate a writing community, email eBookNewser with your recommendation.

Here is a brief excerpt from “Waking Up With Henry” by Tricia Heighway (a.k.a. Tasha Noble on Protagonize)

Before I even opened my eyes, I knew something was off. For a start, the pillow felt wrong, too soft. Not the crisp cotton pillowcases on my own bed. There was too much light in the room, too. I could tell that through my closed eyelids. But the biggest giveaway that all was not as usual was the soft snoring coming from my right.

I lay on my front, with my head to the left. I opened my eyes. Not my room, not my bed. I looked at the flower-sprigged curtains and matching duvet. Then I slowly turned my head to the right. And saw the last person I would ever have expected to see, lying there.

Henry. Dear, sweet, dorky, lovable Henry. In bed, with me.

Follow this link to continue reading at Protagonize.