TributeTube is the YouTube for reverence and remembrance

tributetube_logo.gifIf our feature on the social networking for the dead and the bereaved either left you feeling creepy or yearning for something more, then might interest you. Similar to, TributeTube lets you pay homage to your loved ones who have departed this world through the web. And true to its name, TributeTube can well be called the or at least it might be aiming to be called the YouTube of the was created to be a place of reverence and rememberance of the one’s we have lost. It’s a place where you can display your precious memories for your private viewing or to celebrate and tribute publicly. For what better way to pay our homage to our beloved ones, but through videos and photos that speak of who they have been and what kind of lives they have lived.

tributetubeheader.jpg TributeTube allows you to memorialize, pay tribute, and grieve in 3D, the web 2.0 way. But in addition to paying homage to our loved ones who passed away, TributeTube can also be used to reminisce about past events, religious figures, celebrities, musicians, military veterans and political figures and even pets who died.

TributeTube is a free full pledged social site service which also features a community portal. There you can meet other bereaved members. And who knows you might even help each other out in trying to move on and recuperating from the pains of losing the ones you love. Ops, now that sounds kind of sad.

If you want to pay homage to your loved ones in an interactive, web 20ish way, then take TributeTube for a spin.