Tribune Chief’s Resignation a Positive for the Company?

This morning, we spoke with GalleyCat editor Jason Boog about two of the big media stories from the past couple of days: the possible resignation of Tribune Company chief exec Randy Michaels and the editorial cuts at Editor & Publisher.

We suggested that while the cuts at E&P could do more harm than good, Michaels’ resignation could actually be an opportunity for the company to show how it plans to start from scratch with new leadership and a new outlook.

E&P seemed to cut senior editors and staff members with a hatchet (Mark Fitzgerald had 26 years of experience), but as Boog rightfully pointed out, likely did major damage to employee morale.

The Tribune Company, however, has persistent financial troubles and a bad reputation based on the picture of an offensive culture drawn in a New York Times article a couple of weeks ago. Cuts at the top could show  stakeholders that the company is making a fresh start, with new leadership and a better future ahead.

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