Track Your Mileage With Fuelfrog

Thanks to a tweet from Evan Williams earlier today, I went and checked out a new site called Fuelfrog. The site is an extremely simple way for tracking your gas mileage via Twitter. The upside of this is obvious: it’s a quick and easy way to track your mileage. When I’m sitting in the car, prior to filling up a new tank I can simply type in the mileage on my odometer and the price per gallon and the number of gallons filled from the last time.

One downside to this is that when you get to the gas station to fill up your tank, you don’t remember what you paid last time. This is why I would suggest that Fuelfrog provide the opportunity back fill information. Rather than having to remember the price paid per gallon and number of gallons purchased from last time, it will simply apply those numbers for the next time you fill up and apply the current mileage to the previous entry. This would streamline things extremely well.

While I haven’t had extensive experience with this tool yet, I’m going to begin using it regularly. The one downside is that by using this tool via Twitter, I will expose my fuel budget to the world. While this isn’t really a significant portion of my budget, I wouldn’t use Twitter to track all of my expenses. I’m not sure what useful information will pop-up but I’m sure something will. Integration with Twitter is genius and I can see a whole set of other services implementing a similar integration in the near future.

Do you think this application is useful? What other types of applications do you think would be useful through integration with Twitter?