TOP Tops Area Ratings

Paul Farhi reports today that the latest Arbitron ratings show a sudden and dominating surge by all-news WTOP in the Washington area.

WTOP’s overall audience share was its highest since spring 2003, and placed in above Washington’s main urban stations, #2 WPGC-FM, #3 WMMJ-FM, #4 WHUR-FM and #7 WKYS-FM.

Station exec Jim Farley explained that “the station is attracting listeners by ‘continuing to make ourselves an indispensable utility. We’re like a light switch. You turn us on and we’re there. “What’s the traffic like? Which schools are closed? I need the score of the Wizards game.” We’re there.'”

The question is, though, what the recent whirlwind of station and dial changes will mean for WTOP and its new partner, WTWP, Washington Post Radio. If it’s already winning, will it really come to dominate on a stronger signal?