Top Fitness-Related Social Networking Sites to Help You Stay In Shape

Fitness and getting-in shape type of sites are one of the most covered social networking niche. There’s probably more than a dozen fitness-related social networks around the web or perhaps even more. With the non-social networking type of sites, there are definitely a couple of dozens of these kind of sites. It only goes to show that getting in shape and fit as an athlete is still a priority among netizens like us.

And since fitness-related issues can very well be discussed and learned through peer discussion, in fact it is advisable by fitness experts that once you go through an exercise regimen, it is highly recommended that you’d have a gym buddy or partner. That adds up to the fun and excitement of an otherwise boring activity.

Anyway, we’ve gathered a few of the top fitness-related social networking sites, examined them one by one, feature by feature, to see why they thrive on the Web 2.0 sphere, more specifically in the social networking niche. Here they are, all 8 fitness-related social netwoking sites to help you stay in shape.

Gyminee – In our book of social netwoking sites catering to the fitness buff, Gyminee will always be on top. I’ve joined the site a couple of months ago and never got to use the site. Interestingly, I keep on receiving reminders from the Gyminee automatic emailer, reminding me of my Fitness goal. Pretty efficient right. Aside from that, Gyminee as a name for a fitness-related social networking site, definitely fits to a tee. Name recall is definitely not a problem.

Seven features of Gyminee that makes it as a top-choice for a fitness-related social networking site:

  1. Track your workouts
  2. Monitor your diets through Food Diary
  3. Meet New Friends
  4. Offers motivation through Gym buddies and fitness groups
  5. Workout programs
  6. iPhone application
  7. Gyminee PRO for advanced nutrition tracking and trainer-created workouts
Fitizens – We just covered Fitizens not so long ago. Founded by a Fitness professional herself, Fitizens aims to be the internet’s first social marketplace exclusively for Fitness Experts to connect with Fitness enthusiasts. It’s an online community where fitness enthusiasts can get advice, information and guidance straight from the people who know it the best. In Fitizens, fitness experts create their own profiles which they can use to advertise their expertise and services to fitness enthusiasts.
Top Features of Fitizens include:
  1. seek expert updates
  2. read product reviews
  3. give music recommendations to go along with your fitness routines
  4. ask fitness-related questions
  5. meet fellow fitness enthusiasts
  6. diversify your offline fitness experience
Best feature of Fitizen? – It’s sleek design and of course the user generated information contents as well.
FitLink – This fitness-related site’s mission is to establish a dynamic community that lets users to live healthy lives – that is whether you are losing weight, getting in shape or running a race. Like the other fitness-related social networks/community site, FitLink also aims to connect fitness enthusiasts with personal trainers, health clubs and even event organizers.
2 Services Offered by FitLink:
  1. Tools to get you in shape – including workout journal, map running / cycling routes, plan activities, research exercises, calculate your body mass index, read fitness articles, discuss new ideas and much more.
  2. Links – Tools to connect with others such as finding activity partners, training groups, personal trainers, health clubs, fitness centers and local events based on your goals and interests.
Exercise World – is an online fitness community and social network where you can meet people into exercise, nutrition, and health. You can setup profile, blogs or groups while you go through your quest for losing weight or staying fit.
8 Features of Exercice World which made as like the site:
  1. fitness videos
  2. fitness audio
  3. photos
  4. blogs
  5. groups
  6. chatroom
  7. instant messaging
  8. chat
  9. podcasts