Top 20 Fastest Growing Facebook Pages: Zynga, Harry Potter, MTV, Ronaldo, Music

Musicians made up half of our of Top 20 Fastest Growing Pages this week, although we had some games, movies, TV shows and football/soccer-related Pages. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which counts the number of Likes added to Pages over time. To make the list this week Pages needed to add between 310,500 and 689,700 Likes.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain↓ Gain, %
1. Texas Hold’em Poker 33,436,681 +689,705 +2.11
2. Black Eyed Peas 10,275,432 +632,909 +6.56
3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4,366,123 +603,152 +16.03
4. Rihanna 21,690,031 +534,174 +2.52
5. Shrek 7,041,975 +503,448 +7.70
6. Harry Potter 15,539,033 +472,728 +3.14
7. Shakira 18,805,599 +465,796 +2.54
8. Eminem 25,971,539 +417,487 +1.63
9. Linkin Park 21,053,546 +390,391 +1.89
10. The Simpsons 18,749,803 +370,084 +2.01
11. Avatar 5,993,571 +365,407 +6.49
12. Cristiano Ronaldo 18,264,852 +364,379 +2.04
13. AKON 15,287,058 +363,886 +2.44
14. Michael Jackson 27,143,864 +358,531 +1.34
15. Justin Bieber 18,692,469 +349,568 +1.91
16. Katy Perry 17,023,227 +328,688 +1.97
17. Lady Gaga 26,634,627 +324,369 +1.23
18. MTV 14,256,481 +324,266 +2.33
19. Manchester United 7,870,948 +321,745 +4.26
20. Enrique Iglesias 11,232,031 +310,522 +2.84

Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker was in first place, having added 689,700 Likes since last week, bringing the Page’s total to 33.4 million mostly by promoting the game. Another game took third place on the list, Call of Duty: Black Ops. This Page added 603,200 Likes to grow to 4.3 million; the Page promoted content availability on Facebook.

Some movie Pages made the list this week, too. “Shrek” was in fifth place with 503,400 new Likes, pushing the Page over 7 million. The “Harry Potter” Page was next at number 6, having acquired 472,700 Likes to create a 15.5 total; the Page has been promoting movie awards and the film’s stars. In eleventh place was “Avatar,” with added 365,400 Likes to push the Page just under 6 million total.

On TV this week “The Simpsons” made tenth place with 370,000 new Likes to move to 18.7 million by promoting the show’s content on Facebook. Then, MTV took eighteenth place with 324,300 new Likes, 14.2 million total, after the premiere of their new show “Skins.”

Then there was football/soccer. Celebrity athlete Cristiano Ronaldo took twelfth place with 364,400 new Likes, 18.2 million total, by promoting his team’s social media, himself, game information and soliciting fan input. At number 19 was Manchester United, with 321,700 new Likes to bring it to 7.8 million total, and the Page shared team-related news.

Musicians made up the rest of the list.

The Black Eyed Peas added 632,900 Likes to reach 10.2 million in all and recently announced the name and cover art of their new single. Rihanna’s Page was fourth after adding 534,200 Likes to reach almost 21.7 million; her singles are currently very popular. Shakira’s Page was at number 7 after adding 465,800 Likes to her 18.8 million; she won some French music awards recently. Eminem’s Page was eighth with 417,500 new Likes to almost get to 26 million. Linkin Park followed, adding 390,400 Likes to surpass 21 million; the band is promoting their tour, new app and downloads on their Facebook landing tab.

Akon’s Page was at number 13 since adding 363,900 Likes to his 15.2 million-strong Page; the landing tab on the Page is still promoting his new phone app. Michael Jackson’s Page rode the wave of his reverence to number 14 with 358,500 new Likes and just over 27 million total. Justin Bieber’s Page was fifteenth after adding 349,600 Likes to get to 18.6 million; he’s been promoting a documentary about himself on the Page.

Closing out the list was Katy Perry at number 16 with 328,700 Likes to pass 17 million; she visited Facebook headquarters recently, is touring and promoting her album’s sale on iTunes. Next was Lady Gaga, who was promoting her upcoming single and album and so added 324,400 Likes to grow to 26.6 million. Finally was Enrique Iglesias, who added 310,500 Likes to grow to 11. 2 million; he’s also promoting a tour and album.