The Top 10 ‘Top Video Lists’ Of 2011

Over the course of the year we’ve compiled over 50 lists of videos, from the best dubstep videos to the best juggling videos, memorable iPhone hoaxes, Siri videos and more. We’ve picked out the top 10 of these lists, based on popularity as well as how well they sum up the year’s video trends.

New Years is just around the corner, which means that the season for end-of-the-year roundups is upon us.  We’ve decided to put together a list of our Top 10 ‘Top Video Lists’ of 2011, for all the Top 10 list lovers out there.  Over the course of the year we’ve compiled over 50 lists of videos, from the best dubstep videos to the best juggling videos, memorable iPhone hoaxes, Siri videos and more.  We’ve picked out the top 10 of these lists, based on popularity as well as how well they sum up the year’s video trends.  Enjoy!

10 Adorably Hilarious Laughing Baby Videos

Babies’ laughter is infectious and so it’s no surprise that laughing baby videos have been huge hits for as long as people have been uploading home videos to the Internet.  At the beginning of this year a number of laughing baby videos went viral, inspiring us to put together this list.  Check out one of the top laughing baby videos of the year below, which has been viewed over 32 million times, and click on the title above to check out the full list.

10 Powerful YouTube Videos About Gay Marriage

Back in February, when the Obama administration announced that they would no longer support the Defense Of Marriage Act, we were inspired to put together a list of popular and powerful YouTube videos about gay marriage.  The video below, of a 19-year old with two moms speaking out in a public forum in Iowa, has gone viral twice this year!

30 Of The Best Viral Videos Of Summer 2011

The summer of 2011 was a big season for viral video and we put together a list of 30 of the summer’s biggest viral hits.  My personal favorite, ‘Webcam 101 for Seniors’, has racked up over 9.2 million views since it hit YouTube in August.

7 Inspirational Videos To Remember Steve Jobs By

In October we lost a great man.  To remember Steve Jobs and celebrate his life, we put together a collection of inspirational videos that run the gamut from Jobs’ life story to Apple’s innovative technology and advice from Jobs himself.

Growing Up: 10 Beautiful Time-Lapse Videos Of People

At the end of the year it’s always nice to take a look back at how we’ve changed over the past 12 months.  Earlier this year we put together a list of amazing time lapse videos of people in which you can physically see how they’ve changed over a year all the way up to ten years.  If you enjoy time lapse, you may also enjoy our list of 10 Breathtaking Time Lapse Videos on Vimeo.

10 Emotional Bullying Videos On YouTube

Over the past year, anti-bullying campaigns have become a major trend on YouTube.  Earlier this month we put together a list of some of the most moving and emotional videos related to bullying.

10 Mind Blowing 3D Projection Mapping Campaigns

3D projection mapping, or projecting moving images onto 3D objects like buildings to make it looks like the objects are moving, morphing and changing structure, has really taken off over the past couple of years.  Back in February we put together a list of 10 mind blowing 3D projection mapping campaigns and it has been one of our most popular Top 10 lists of the year.

15 Mind-Boggling Optical Illusion Videos On YouTube

Who doesn’t love a good optical illusion?  We put together 15 of the best optical illusions on YouTube.  Enjoy!

10 Hilarious Prank Videos On YouTube

Prank videos are one of the most popular trends on YouTube and earlier this year we decided to put together a list of 10 of the most hilarious YouTube pranks.  What’s the best prank you’ve ever seen?

Top 10 Most Hilarious Family Feud Bloopers

And now, for my personal favorite Top 10 list of the year—a list of the best Family Feud bloopers, topped by my favorite viral game show blooper—Naked Grandma!

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