TodaysMama's Connect Feature is Twitter for Online Mommy Bloggers

The popularity of microblogging service, specifically Twitter catches on even with mommy bloggers and online mothers. TodaysMama, a popular website for mommy bloggers has just implemented a Twitter-like service as part of the website’s features. Called TodaysMama Connect, the service allows members to connect to fellow mommy bloggerss in 140 characters which is obviously similar to Twitter.

TodaysMama Connect runs as a subdomain of the TodaysMama’s site. And so design-wise it inherits the look and feel of the “mother site”. Like Twitter, TodaysMama Connect uses the “@” for sending comments to other members, and the “#” for posting topics.


But in addition to this functionality, TodaysMama Connect allows members to create “groups” according to regional areas or topical subsets. Members can send messages to a group by specifying the group name preceeded by an exclamation point before sending a “Connect” message.

TodaysMama’s Connect timeline can also be browsed through by groups, recent tags, featured and popular messages. Likewise a list of popular posts are also displayed on the site’s right sidebar. This is updated in real-time so you can immediately see the latest most popular messages posted on the Connect timeline.

You can also subscribe to the site’s RSS feeds so you get to know the latest messages posted on the site whenever you are checking your RSS Reader.

Honestly, TodaysMama’s Connect looks better than Twitter. But of course it’s a niche service, so we don’t really expect it to reach the same status as what Twitter has reached today. For its captive audience and users, this Twitter-like service is no doubt bound for success, if it has not achieved this right now.

via WSJ