Tobacco Looks Better Already?

Star Scientific has developed a tobacco product it wants to market as “less harmful than other forms of tobacco,” according to a Huffington Post story.

It purports that its moist smokeless snuff tobacco has “fewer cancer-causing agents” the Richmond Times-Dispatch writes, and is looking for FDA approval to sell as a “modified-risk” product. A 2009 law passed by Congress lets the FDA regulate tobacco products — and scientific review could allow some to be approved as less risky, it goes on to say.

The story quotes tobacco and health-policy consultant Scott Ballin, who says other companies will follow suit with novel products for FDA review. “I think [the tobacco industry] is going to be closely watching” how the FDA reviews this request.

The new label is applicable to the company’s product, Star Scientific says, because in relation to other smokeless tobacco products, it has 90 to 99 percent less tobacco-specific carcinogens.

The company also sells tobacco lozenges under brand names Stonewall and Ariva. It previously test-marketed moist snuff products in the early 2000s.