Tips for Pitching Hispanic Mom Bloggers

In your efforts to reach moms across the Hispanic community, Piera Jolly, CEO and co-founder of Latina Mom Bloggers, would, of course, recommend outreach to Latina mom bloggers.

“Latina moms are online all the time,” Jolly told us during a recent phone call. “We want to hear from people who are like us. Latina mom bloggers are able to provide a culturally relevant voice that’s authentic and honest.”

And how important is language when targeting Hispanic mom bloggers? Very, says Jolly. But which language is dependent on the blogger.

“Some only write in English, some only in Spanish, some in both languages,” Jolly adds. “Language is a large part of working with Latina bloggers. If they’re writing in Spanish, it probably is more appropriate to write in Spanish.”

Having staffers that can communicate in both languages is also important for research purposes.

“Just putting ‘Latina blogger’ in a search might not be enough. Keywords would have to be in Spanish,” she says.

Through her organization, Jolly has worked with a number of big organizations seeking to reach Hispanic mom bloggers and their audiences. Latina Mom Bloggers is a sister company to Hispanicize, which hosts an annual event and operates a blog that serves as a resource for Hispanic marketers. At Latina Mom Bloggers, they help to build partnerships between bloggers and brands for promotional campaigns.

In one example, the organization worked with an ad agency, Grupo Gallegos, and the California Milk Processors Board on branded articles that appeared on 14 Latina blogs, a Twitter party with the #Positivismo hashtag, and a Facebook contest for its “Maestro Del Vaso Medio Lleno” (“Master of the Glass Half Full”) campaign.

In addition to making Latina mom bloggers a target, Jolly suggests pitches that are tailored to the blogger you’re pitching (a rule for all pitches, BTW). Specific pitches that focus on family values and topics tied to the family, such as food and cooking, resonate with Latina moms.

Jolly will be speaking more on this topic at the Hispanicize conference, which is taking place April 10 through 13 in Miami. For a complete schedule, click here.