TimesSelect value adds…with blogs?

We just heard from one Diane McNulty, Group Director, Community Affairs and Media Relations for The New York Times with all sorts of handy information about TimesSelect (reproduced faithfully after the jump). She wrote to let me know that TimesSelect had made its debut, and lots of other stuff that we already knew, except this:

Plans are in the works for some Op-Ed columnists to produce weblogs.

Excuse me? We’re getting 8 brand-spankin’ new blogs? I haven’t seen this anywhere else but the mind frankly reels. MoDo, we’ll link to you if you link to us! Details as we have them; nifty release after the jump.

Excerpt from email from Diane McNulty re: TimesSelect:

— Over 97% of NYTimes.com will remain freely accessible.

— All editorials written by The New York Times editorial board
and all Op-Ed contributions from non-Times contributors will remain

— RSS feeds for all of our content will remain as is, but a “T”
logo will indicate any TimesSelect column.

— All previous links from our RSS feeds will remain free.

— In the next few weeks, we plan to launch additional RSS feeds
of subsection and topic pages.

— An affiliate partner arrangement should be in place by the end
of the year.

— The ability to share articles via TimesFile will be active by
the end of the year.